» » William Byrd - Davitt Moroney - The Complete Keyboard Music
William Byrd - Davitt Moroney - The Complete Keyboard Music Album
Performer: William Byrd - Davitt Moroney
Title: The Complete Keyboard Music
Style: Renaissance
Year 1999
Country UK
Label Hyperion
Catalog Number CDA66551/7
Genre: Classical
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 209
MP3 size: 2756 mb
FLAC size: 1717 mb
WMA size: 2965 mb
Record From: 7 × CD Box Set

William Byrd - Davitt Moroney - The Complete Keyboard Music Album


1Parson's In Nomine, BK51 (Chamber Organ)2:51
2Hugh Ashton's Grownde, BK20 (Muselar)8:04
3The Barley Break, BK92 (Harpsichord RvN)8:20
4Gypseis Round, BK80 (Harpsichord RvN)4:43
5My Ladye Nevell's Grownde, BK57 (Harpsichord HB)5:18
6Praeludium, BK12 [First Version]0:58
7Gloria Tibi Trinitas, BK501:46
8Miserere (I), BK66 [First Version] (Clavichord)1:00
9Clarifica Me, Pater, 2 Parts (I), BK471:44
10Pavana Lachrymae, BK54 (Muselar)5:58
11Qui Passe, For My Ladye Nevell, BK19 (Harpsichord HB)3:43
12Christe, Qui Lux, BK121 [EECM6/34] [Two Versions]2:26
13Miserere, BK67 [Second Version]1:28
14... Galiard, BK73b (Muselar)1:34
15Jhon Come Kisse Me Now, BK81 (Harpsichord RvN)5:37
16Paven, BK100a [EKM10a] (Harpsichord RvN)1:59
17Praeludium To The Fancie, BK12 [Fifth Version] (Harpsichord RvN)0:48
18Fortune My Foe, Farewell Delight, BK6 (Muselar)3:57
19Praeludium To The Fancie, BK12 [Fourth Version] (Clavichord)0:42
20... The Galliarde, BK29b (Muselar)1:43
21... The Galliard To It, BK72b (Harpsichord HB)1:48
22Ut, Re, Mee, Fa, Sol, La, The Playnesong... By A Second Person, BK58 (Muselar)3:03
23Pavana Bray, BK59a (Harpsichord RvN)4:42
24A Gigg, "F. Tr.", BK22 (Muselar)1:06
25Praeludium To The Fancie, BK12 [Third Version] (Harpsichord HB)0:43
26An Alman, BK117 [EKM30] (Harpsichord HB)2:10
27Pavin Johnson's Delighte, BK5a ((Harpsichord RvN, Lute Stop)5:17
28Pavana, BK4a (Muselar)2:17
29La Volta L. Morley, BK90 (Harpsichord HB)1:28
30... The Galliard, BK23b (Muselar)1:44
31A Pavin, BK33a (Harpsichord HB)4:51
32The Second Ground, BK42 (Muselar)8:56
33... The Galliard, BK14b (Muselar)1:46
34The Battell, BK94 (Muselar)12:50
35A Fancie, For My Ladye Nevell, BK25 [First Version]5:45
36Wilson's Wilde, BK37 (Harpsichord HB)1:23
37The Second Pavian, BK71a (Harpsichord HB)2:57
38A Fancie, BK46 [First Version]5:14
39Have With Yow To Walsingame, BK8 (Harpsichord RvN)9:23
40... Galiarda, BK4b (Muselar)1:48
41A Horne Pipe, BK39 (Harpsichord HB)6:17
42... Galliarda, BK52b (Harpsichord RvN)1:47
43Fantasia, BK62 [Second Version] (Harpsichord HB)7:19
44... The Galliarde, BK71b (Harpsichord HB)1:45
45The Nynth Pavian, The Passinge Mesures, BK2a (Harpsichord HB)6:31
46A Galliard, BK77 (Muselar)1:03
47Callino Casturame, BK35 (Harpsichord HB)1:58
48The Carman's Whistle, BK36 (Chamber Organ)4:14
49... Galiardo, BK15b (Muselar)1:09
50... Galiarda, BK59b (Harpsichord RvN)1:33
51Monsieur's Alman (I), BK87 (Harpsichord RvN)3:48
52Lord Willobies Welcome Home (Rowland), BK7 (Muselar)2:38
53Sellinger's Rownde, BK84 (Harpsichord HB)6:11
54The Ghost, BK78 (Harpsichord HB)2:58
55... Galliard, BK33b (Harpsichord HB)1:53
56...The Galliard, BK114b (Harpsichord RvN)1:59
57The Seventh Pavian, Canon 2 Parts In 1, BK74 (Muselar)4:49
58Alman, BK11 (Harpsichord HB)1:22
59A Preludium, BK116 [EKM4] (Harpsichord HB)1:29
60A Fancie, For My Ladye Nevell, BK25 [Second Version] (Harpsichord HB)5:34
61The Eighte Pavian, BK17 (Muselar)4:56
62A Lesson Of Voluntarie, Two Parts In One In The 4th Above, BK26 (Muselar)6:17
63A Galliarde Gygge, BK18 (Harpsichord HB)2:03
64Miserere (I), BK66 [Second Version]0:57
65A Pavion, BK72a (Harpsichord HB)4:13
66Fantasia, BK13 (Harpsichord RvN)8:05
67A Grounde, BK9 [Second Version] (Harpsichord RvN)4:18
68The Fourth Pavian, BK30a (Harpsichord HB)2:50
69A Pavyn, BK16a (Muselar)4:11
70Eccho Paven, BK114a (Harpsichord RvN)4:17
71A Voluntarie, BK275:36
72Clarifica Me, Pater, [4 Parts] (III), BK493:15
73Monsieur's Alman (II), BK88 (Harpsichord RvN)6:06
74A Verse Of Two Parts, BK281:46
75A Fancie, BK46 [Second Version] (Harpsichord HB)4:12
76The Mayden's Songe, BK82 (Chamber Organ)5:28
77The Hunt's Up, BK40 (Harpsichord HB)7:19
78Galliard, BK53 (Harpsichord HB)1:44
79O Mistris Myne, I Must, BK83 (Harpsichord RvN)6:21
80The Queenes Alman, BK10 (Muselar)3:00
81... Galiardo Secundo, BK15c (Muselar)2:10
82The Galliard For The Victorie, BK95 (Muselar)1:59
83Go From My Window, BK79 (Harpsichord HB)4:17
84... The Galliarde, BK32b (Harpsichord HB)1:44
85Pavana The Earle Of Salisbury, BK15a (Muselar)1:43
86Pavana The Vi, Kinbrugh Good, BK32a (Harpsichord HB)4:49
87The Third French Coranto, BK21c (Harpsichord HB)0:56
88Clarifica Me, Pater, 3 Parts (II), BK481:34
89Preludium, BK24 (Harpsichord RvN)1:08
90If My Complaints, Or Pyper's Galliard, BK118 [EKM26] (Harpsichord HB)2:26
91... The Galliarde, BK30b (Harpsichord HB)1:49
92Pavana "Ph. Tr.", BK60a (Muselar)5:02
93A Pavion, BK23a (Muselar)4:42
94Corranto, BK45 (Harpsichord HB)1:10
95Harding's Galliard, BK55 (Muselar)2:57
96An Almane, BK89 (Muselar)1:20
97Fantasia, BK63 (Harpsichord HB)4:32
98... Galiardo, BK3b (Harpsichord RvN)2:13
99... The Galliarde, BK31b (Muselar)1:41
100Preludium, BK1 (Harpsichord RvN)0:40
101... The Galliarde, BK2b (Harpsichord HB)5:19
102The Third Pavian, BK14a (Muselar)5:03
103Pavin, BK76 (Muselar)3:07
104A Voluntarie, For My Ladye Nevell, BK61 [Second Version] (Harpsichord HB)4:54
105A Galliard, BK16b (Muselar)1:36
106The French Coranto, BK21a (Harpsichord HB)0:52
107Pavana Sir William Petre, BK3a (Harpsichord RvN)4:30
108Pavana, BK52a (Harpsichord RvN)5:04
109Paven, BK73a (Muselar)2:33
110Parludam, BK115 [EKM3] (Muselar)1:08
111The Marche Before The Battell, BK93 (Muselar)4:12
112O Quam Gloriosum Est Regnum, EKM48 (Muselar)7:03
113Will Yow Walke The Woods So Wylde, BK85 (Muselar)4:36
114Fantasia, BK62 [First Version]9:06
115 Lady Montegle's Paven, BK75 (Harpsichord HB)2:59
116... Galiard, BK100b [EKM10b] (Harpsichord RvN)1:02
117The Fifte Pavian, BK31a (Muselar)5:12
118Praeludium To The Fancie, BK12 [Second Version] (Muselar)0:48
119The Second French Coranto, BK21b (Harpsichord HB)0:50
120Salvator Mundi (II), BK691:25
121A Grounde, BK9 [First Version]4:30
122... Galiarda, BK60b (Muselar)1:48
123The Firste Pavian, BK29a (Muselar)4:39
124La Volta, BK91 (Harpsichord HB)1:24
125All In A Garden Greene, BK56 (Harpsichord HB)4:52
126... The Galliard, BK5b (Harpsichord RvN, Lute Stop)1:47
127Miserere (II), BK67 [First Version] (Clavichord)1:21
128The Bells, BK38 (Harpsichord HB)5:37
129Monsieur's Alman (III), BK44 (Harpsichord RvN)2:09
130A Grounde, BK432:59
131Galiardo Mistris Marye Brownlo, BK34 (Harpsichord RvN)3:11
132... Quadran Galliard, BK70b (Harpsichord RvN)4:34
133Ut, Mi, Re, BK657:51
134Salvator Mundi (I), BK681:15
135Quadran Paven, BK70a (Harpsichord RvN)8:47
136A Grounde, BK86 (Muselar)5:49
137A Voluntarie, For My Ladye Nevell, BK61 [First Version]4:52
138Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, BK648:28


  • Artwork By [Design] – Terry Shannon
  • Composed ByWilliam Byrd
  • Engineer [Recording]Ken Blair, Mike Hatch
  • Executive Producer – Davitt Moroney, Edward Perry
  • Harpsichord [Hubert Bédard & Reinhard Von Nagel], Spinet [Muselar Virginal], Organ, Organ [Chamber], ClavichordDavitt Moroney
  • Other [Liner Notes] – Davitt Moroney
  • Photography [Front Illustration] – Malcolm Crowthers
  • Producer [Recording]Davitt Moroney, Edward Kershaw, John Hayward-Warburton, Nick Parker


Boxset comes with a 106 pages booklet.
Recorded 26-31 March 1992 in Ingatestone Halle, Ingatestone, Essex, England; 12-18 December 1996 and 8-14 February 1997 in l'Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud, France; tracks on CD3 are all performed on Ahrend organ of l'Église-Musée des Augustins, Toulouse, and recorded 3-8 September 1991.
Instruments used in this recording:
1) Clavichord by Thomas Goff, 1972, after 17th-century German models.
2) Chamber organ by Martin Goetz and Dominic Gwynn, 1985, after 17th-century German models.
3) Harpsichord by Hubert Bédard, 1975; exact copy of Andreas Ruckers, Antwerp, 1644 (Kenneth Gilbert Collection).
4) Harpsichord by Reinhard von Nagel, 1994; after Joseph Johannes Couchet, Antwerp, 1679.
5) Muselar Virginal by John Phillips, Berkeley, 1991, after Ioannes Couchet, Antwerp, 1650.
6) Organ by Jürgen Ahrend, 1981, after 17th-century North-German models.


Альбом 1999 Песен: 138. William Byrd. Davitt Moroney. The Bells, BK 38. Play jigsaw puzzles for free Home. Byrd: The Complete Keyboard Music, 1999. Will Yow Walke the Woods So Wylde, BK 85, 04:39. George Szell - The Complete Columbia Album Collection. George Szell. 8 out of 5 stars 53. Sometimes musical labors of love don't translate to good listening, but in the case of William Byrd: The Complete Keyboard Music, we should all be thankful for Maroney's efforts. Jason Verlinde. Track Listings. The Complete Keyboard Music. Davitt Moroney harpsichord. Download all MP3 . Download all FLAC . In his 100-page essay on William Byrd, Moroney argues forcefully that the 56 pavans and galliards deserve to be ranked with the 48 preludes and fugues of Bach and the 32 sonatas of Beethoven. And on the strength of his superb playing of a rich array of contrasting instruments, the case for Byrd as one of the great keyboard composers is more than justified: the extraordinary spectrum of influences from which the Elizabethan composer took his inspiration suggests a genius as versatile as the great baroque and classical masters. Listen free to William Byrd Davitt Moroney Keyboard Music Go from my window, MB 79, O Quam Gloriosum Est Regnum, EKM 48 and more. 19 tracks 76:56. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the. CD1. Pavana Sir William Petre, BK3a harpsichord RvN. Davitt Moroney cembalist. The French Coranto, BK21a harpsichord HB. harpsichord: Davitt Moroney cembalist. The Second French Coranto, BK21b harpsichord HB. Musica Britannica Volume 27's catalogue of William Byrd's keyboard music number: 35. Watch now William Byrd, Davitt Moroney's video clip of album The Complete Keyboard Music. Genres of this release are: Classical music. Released at: This album was released on the label Hyperion catalog number CDA665517. This album was released in 1999 year. First date of Copyright: C 1999. The album included the following session musiciants. Malcolm Crowthers. Edward Kershaw. i Pavana Sir William Petrei , BK3a Harpsichord RvN. Galiardoi , BK3b Harpsichord RvN. Значек play перед названием песни дает возможность найти mp3 и прослушать любую песню с альбома The Complete Keyboard Music Davitt Moroney